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Our Company, Complete Practice Solutions, is a practice optimization firm. We provide services and solutions with actionable plans specific to your practice that produce tangible returns on investments. We work with you to determine the best business process to meet your short and long term strategy, as well as your clinical, financial, technical and operational needs. You always remain in control. We deliver results.

The business of medicine is becoming more complex each and every day. As the healthcare climate becomes more convoluted in this political landscape, maximizing profits is an increasingly difficult undertaking. Navigating the maze of managed care, Medicare guidelines, human resources, and the upcoming conversion to ICD-10 is a dizzying prospect that few offices are truly prepared to address. The increasing intricacies of contract negotiations, scarcity of capital resources, and rapidly changing technology requiring competent IT solutions are just a few of the challenges in developing streamlined and cost effective medical care. We can help.

Know your Practice. Control your Practice. Use the Power of Data.

Technology- With the continuing trend of reduced payment and the resulting pressures on margins, many healthcare organizations believe that only by changing the way care is delivered can additional economies be realized. Clinical information systems are bigger and better than ever. Information technology, medication-error management, and redesigned care pathways and protocols are a few of the many potential benefits of change. In many cases, information systems are being driven without financial or revenue-cycle input unless finance related questions arise. When system implementations involve scheduling, patient management, utilization management, and health information management, they can have a significant impact on the revenue cycle. This is why it is critical for physicians and senior management to ensure active involvement with Complete Practice Solutions during implementation of new information technology systems.

Benefits of Complete Practice Solutions Consulting Services

  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
  • Integrity, Integration and Precision
  • Actionable Business Information
  • Reduce Employee Workload
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Customized Technology that Works For You
  • Build A More Efficient Medical Practice